Get Ideas

Raising money OFFLINE

1. Put up posters! Around your local town, in shop windows, at your local community hall, at work – ask before you put them up, but if you explain what you are doing for a great cause people are not likely to say no!

2. Ask people face to face, don’t be frightened by their response – you are doing something amazing and you should be confident to ask for sponsorship from your friends and family, and doing so in person is so much more powerful than any other way.

3. Who doesn’t love receiving a hug! Offer out hugs in your local shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon in return for a small donation (or if they don’t want a hug, have to hand sweets, next best thing)

4. Give up something for the day! Use your phone too much? Spend hours on Facebook? Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to give up your beloved past time for the day, or if you are feeling particularly bold…a whole week.

5. Contact your local media! Call up your local newspaper and let them know what you are doing – if they run an article on you be sure to include your supporter page link so people can donate easily.

6. Approach your local businesses whose services you often use (bakers, dry cleaners) and ask if they are happy for you to leave a collection tin on their counter. You can even offer to hand out flyers on their behalf to sweeten the deal.

Raising money at SCHOOL

1. How much fun is it playing sport? How much more fun would it be if you could play sport AND raise money for KidzWish? Hosting a mini sports tournament (soccer, cricket etc) is a great way to receive donations by just charging a small fee to take part as well as giving everyone a really fun day!

2. Reckon you could be quiet for a whole day? If you are up for the challenge why not get people to sponsor you to keep silent? Ask your classmates to join you as well to help raise even more money!

3. Do you go to school with people who enjoy eating cake? GREAT! With permission from your teachers simply ask a few of your friends (or friends parents) to help you bake up some cupcakes to take into school to sell to increase the amount of dollars on your supporter page.

4. Does your school often put on concerts or plays? Why not ask if you can charge an entrance fee to support your cause, or even serve drinks in the interval with all profits to go to your supporter page?

5. Who doesn’t like wearing their own clothes? Very few people, which is why asking if you are able to have a ‘Non uniform day’ at school is a great idea! In return for a small contribution to your supporter page all your classmates get to wear their own clothes to school.

Raising money at WORK

1. People will rarely say no to cake. Hold a bake sale in your office as an afternoon treat and just ask for a donation to your supporter page in return for them indulging.

2. Ask your employer if they have any matched giving schemes or if they are willing to donate to your supporter page – it may be tax deductible and can mean you get that one off large donation to really spur you on.

3. Hold a raffle with benefits! Offer up prizes that you know your colleagues would love to get – e.g offer to fetch their morning coffee for a week, a free weekday lunch date with senior management, 1 months use of the best parking space! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to put in a little hard work to get the most participation from everyone.

4. Hold a dress down day and charge $5 each for your whole office to go casual for the day. Simple.

5. Auction off the chance to ‘Be the boss for an afternoon’ (check with your manager first!). Your colleagues might relish in the chance to act as senior staff (best not to do this however if your boss is a surgeon/pilot/lion tamer),

6. Get a few of your friends to cook a dish each and then hold a sta! lunch event and charge an entrance fee, saving everyone the hassle of bringing in their own packed lunch or having to go in search of delicious food elsewhere.

7. Ask your colleagues to sacrifice their morning coffee just 1 day a week and instead for them to give the amount they would have spent to your supporter page.

Fundraising ideas courtesy of everydayhero