Funded Programs

These are our events and programs that you are helping to fund...

Wishing Well Program

When parents of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability have nowhere to turn, they can turn to KidzWish.

The Wishing Well Program aims to assist children and their families through the funding of equipment, experiences or services that are not funded through their NDIS plan.

KidzWish recognise the huge demands, both emotionally and financially, which is why this program is so important. 

Assisted Programs

Sports Academy

The Sports Academy Program targets young children who miss out on main-stream sports, enabling them to experience team sports and further increase their knowledge of life and its expectations.

KidzWish believes every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports, the joy of teamwork, the achievement of scoring a goal or hitting a ball for the first time. The Sports Academy is designed to provide specific sports programs which accommodate a variety of skill levels and encourages children to be their best.

Music and Dance Program

The KidzWish Music and Dance Program is an opportunity for children to enjoy love and laughter that comes with music, instruments and dancing.

Children and siblings come together in a safe and fun environment where each child has the opportunity to improve their lives through a greater appreciation of music and dance. There mountains of evidence that tell us that music and dance benefit children with special needs. Data shows us music and dance is a powerful therapy tool.

Music is an easy, fun and motivating way to connect with children and motivate them to develop new skills.

Game On! Program

Game On! is an interactive program designed to encourage language skills and social interaction in school age children.

Attendees will enjoy activities such as LEGO play, movies, board games, outside play, bike riding and much more!

Children's Christmas Party

KidzWish hosts our annual Children’s Christmas Party each November/December.

Each child that attends receives a free gift from Santa to remember the day, lunch, an ice-cream for desert and a gift bag to take home.

Thousands of children in need look forward to the event each year and when it arrives spirits run high.

KidzWish make every effort to provide an enjoyable experience for all children present so they can experience an early taste of the Christmas spirit.

Children's Experience Program

There is nothing better than seeing the absolute joy on a child’s face when they are presented with tickets to their favourite show.

KidzWish like to take families on unforgettable experiences to Taronga Zoo, Sporting Games & Children Musical Concerts so they can spend some quality time together.

At KidzWish we are dedicated to ensuring that as many children as possible enjoy experiences full of celebration and fun.